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Some strategies and approaches being taken now. We are trying to keep this site up to date with what is happening. Please email us with stories and ideas.
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  • 4 Responses to What Now?

    1. Cat Kutay says:

      During a recent educational workshop, a participant related the following story about the consultations on the NT Interventions. During a visit by Jenny Macklin to the Gulf of Carpentaria communities, many people got up and spoke about the problems they experienced during the intervention
      At the end of listening to the people’s comments, Jenny Macklin said she found the comments very interesting but this was not what she was hearing “on the ground”.
      The person sitting next to our informant then commented “How much closer to the ground do I have to be!”.

    2. Carolyn says:

      I am a non-indigenous woman and I am astounded at what the Rudd Government is doing. It is incredibly racist and I think because they want to extend this income quarantine to other parts of Australia thay are not truthfully examining the effects of it. In addition I am outraged that basic rights to dignity and equality of opportunity are being ignored and over-ridden in the NT. What the government has done is label whole communities as alcoholic, pedophiles that need management rather than provide services that are needed to address the underlying causes. In the process the children, once again, seem to be the ones suffering. I believe that with the right consultaion and services Aboriginal people CAN mamange their own affairs and find solutions to the problems white colonisation has imposd on them.

    3. Juno Gemes says:

      I agree with Carolyn. Jenny Macklin & Gilllard are both not responding to the news from the communities. They are carrying NT Intervention which was an opportunistic Howard Tactic to create an issue of hysteria – in order to bring in racist and anti cultural policies.That Labor continues such a distructive and disrespectful agenda is a tradegy! IS there no one who can take sense to these two Labor Women?

    4. Jane says:

      See report on Indigenous Graduates at the University of Wollongong. http://www.uow.edu.au/wic/whatsonwic/UOW117386.html