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This is a website set up by Women for Wik. We are a small group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous women including academics, writers, filmmakers, artists and teachers.

The original web site Women for Wik is archived here.
We believe that racism, negativism and disinformation still cloud public debate on Indigenous policies, so to help counter this, we will document all the policies that have been proven to work and the many successful initiatives taken by Indigenous communities throughout Australia.

We hope that this website will be a resource for students, policy makers and all those people who want to do something practical to change the inequities and injustices which still prevail for Indigenous people in Australia.

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  • One Response to About Us

    1. Grace says:

      I think this initiative in itself is a really significant step in the processes of deconstructing (or clearing the mist of negativity) surrounding Indigenous discourse. It’s really unhelpful and demotivating to think about all the negative (what doesn’t work)and creates a kind of aura of hoplessness encourageing a self fullfilling prophecy type scenario.

      Anyway I will gladly spread the news of this website and stay in touch with it (hopefully try and encorporate it into my work).

      Thanks for making time and space to share this information through such an accessible medium.