Other’s Work

Aboriginal women have had these programs running out of their own resource centres for their children and their families. These programmes worked for our communities. It made women stronger and gave them control in the communities.
Barbara Shaw, Tangentyere Council from Mt Nancy Town Camp

These are programs run by government or other organisations that have had a good impact in community. We can consider why they worked.

  • ICV
  • Jawun
  • The More Things Change
  • United Nations Rapporteur
  • Report from Mapuru
  • Despair in NT
  • Bureau of Statistics
  • Desert Knowledge
  • Circle Sentencing
  • Desert Research
  • Wellbeing Centre-Bundaberg
  • Aboriginal Languages Policy
  • Employment Services
  • Health approach
  • Essendon reconciliation
  • Closure of Uluru Walk
  • Sea Rights
  • Little Red Yellow Black Book
  • Employment Strategy
  • Success in organisations
  • Bushlight
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