Success in organisations

The Success in Indigenous Community Organisations project initially involved thirteen case studies to assess “initiatives in local Indigenous organisations that have helped to promote community wellbeing or to overcome disadvantage.” The aim was to identify the lessons that might be learned from these successes. The project resulted in three major reports:

Maps to Success, directed to Indigenous communities and organisations, and aimed at promulgating successful management initiatives that could be adopted by other organisations working in similar fields;

Organising for Success – policy paper for funding agencies and government policy and program developers and;

Indigenous Partnerships in Protected Area Management in Australia: Case Studies, which examined in detail the management arrangements for three jointly-managed national parks and protected areas, to find the factors contributing to their success.

One Response to Success in organisations

  1. We will get a copy of “Success in Indigenous Community Organisations’ for our organisation and forward on relevant information to services we work with in Indigenous children’s services in the Top End of the Northern Territory and put up on our website.