The Women In Prison Advocacy Network (WIPAN) is an advocacy-based organisation managed and directed by a united group of professional women, including ex-prisoners, dedicated to the pursuit of advancing the human rights of women caught up in the criminal justice system. WIPAN works to raise awareness of and progress the cultural, social, economic and political inequalities that exist for criminalised women by addressing the policies and practices that sustain these injustices. WIPAN takes a grassroots approach to addressing women’s social justice issues by directly engaging criminalised women post-release. To this end WIPAN addresses the issues facing criminalised women through advocacy to make criminal justice systems fairer and on an individual level operates a voluntary mentoring project which partners mentors from the community with women being released from prison. The program works to enhance the wellbeing of criminalised women whilst encouraging their autonomy, supporting their community reintegration and learning from their lived experience.

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