What We said

“This Is What We Said”
– Australian Aboriginal People give their views on the Northern Territory Intervention.
This book follows a recent report entitled ‘Will They Be Heard?’ released in November 2009.
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Copies of the book were sent first to the participating communities to ensure all those whose photos are in the book received a copy first. Copies will gradually be sent to all communities through the Remote Library Programmes firstly and then by other direct contacts. Laynha have some 30 odd copies and will be carrying the book to the Homelands that they serve. However a couple of communities have already contacted us about the book.” … Michele Harris

Using pictures & quotations taken from footage of actual consultations at Bagot, Ampilawatja, Yirrkala & Utopia/Arlparra, this book provides a graphic account of the depth of frustration and despair of many Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory regarding The Intervention. It is tragic that legislation, about to  be debated in Parliament, pays scant attention to the views expressed by many Aboriginal people during the ‘consultation’ process of 2009.

Also included in ‘This Is What We Said’ are quotes on The Intervention from other well-known Australians, plus reports from the United Nations:
– Professor James Anaya, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights  & fundamental freedoms of Indigenous people: Aug 2009
– Mr Anand Grover, Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical & mental health: Dec 2009

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