What’s Working

Having white people tell you what to do once again is repeating history. By taking control of our own land the government is taking control of our heart and spirit
Mitch, an Eastern Arrente woman from the Engawala community

Below are some stories of the many programs that are working in education, health, the law and other areas.

  • Programs losing funding under the IAS
  • Health Info Network
  • Healing Foundation
  • NACCHO Blog
  • Animation of stories
  • So No to Government Intervention
  • Katherine Napaljarri Parker
  • Language and Wellbeing
  • Childhood services
  • ClearingHouse Report
  • ANTaR – A Better Way
  • Taking control
  • Remote ICT
  • Mapuru Enterprises
  • Hey dad!
  • Deadly Health Stories
  • Valery’s Bus
  • University Graduates
  • Tangentyere Council
  • Aurukun Youth Strategy
  • Bushmob
  • Arwarbukarl CRA
  • Pilbara Employment
  • Stock Exchange
  • Digital Network
  • Knowledge Revival
  • Control of Health-NT
  • Sunrise Health Centre
  • Healing program-Adelaide
  • Recording Studio
  • Yuendumu Youth Program
  • Employment and Inclusion
  • Health-Utopia
  • Employment Networks
  • Male Space-Katherine
  • Tribal Warrior
  • Tharawal Program
  • Balgo Women’s Law Group
  • Mudgin-Gal
  • Gunditjmara Story
  • Healthabitat
  • Tjuwumpa Rangers
  • One Response to What’s Working

    1. Jane says:

      Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (see http://www.aimementoring.com/) teams Indigenous High School student in a mentoring relationship with university students.